Fall 2013


Farming UP

FarmedHere using vertical farming to grow local produce

FarmedHere is the largest indoor vertical farming operation in the United States. Based in the Chicago suburb of Bedford Park, they raise and deliver more than 2,000 cases of product each month to stores within a 50 mile radius. They are leaders in the area’s sustainable and local foods movement.


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Barn of Plenty

Barnacopia: A tribute to family and agriculture

Barnacopia  is  just  that  –  A  barn  overflowing  with  an abundance of memories, agricultural history and a tribute to the lives  of Gary and Judy Bocker.


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African Agriculture

Company hopes to create farming successes

In September 2012, Craig Nelson gave up his job working a crop specialist to move halfway around the world to Ghana, Africa, and farm.


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Kohl's Column

Capital Expenditure Planning for 2014

There is crispness in the air and the chill of winter is providing the first taste of what is to come. Whether riding the combine or working cattle,  thoughts  drift  toward  what  should  be  done  to  upgrade equipment, facilities or livestock, and whether to purchase or take a pass on the farm next door.


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CEO Letter

Wealth of Ag Lending Expertise

Recently, I had the opportunity to celebrate my 35-year anniversary with Farm Credit. When you are passionate about what you do, 35 years passes by very quickly.




Farmland Values in 1st Farm Credit Territory

I am sitting in my office in the middle of September as I take a moment to look back on three years of unprecedented increases in farmland values. By the time this article is published later in the fall, there should be a clearer perspective about where land values are going into 2014.


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Interest Rates

Split Pricing Provides Security

This summer and fall have brought a drastic rise in intermediate and  long-term  interest  rates.  This  has  been  due  to continued improvement in the overall economic picture but most notably Federal  Reserve  Chairman  Ben  Bernanke’s  June  19  press conference.


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Crop Insurance

Add a Safety Net to your 2014 Crop Insruance Prices

With market volatility, why wait to see what the February
average  is  when  you  can  eliminate  the  uncertainty  by
adding Revenue Net to your risk management plan.





Editor's Note

Dear World: What would you say?

If you were asked to share one message about yourself, passion or mission in life, what would you say?




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